Eliminate Your Biggest
Real Estate Investing Hurdle
With Our Exclusive
Full-Day Event

Join Canada’s Leading Capital Attraction Experts as They Reveal
How They’ve Raised Multiple Millions of Dollars
Using These Proven Techniques

Here’s a brief summary of everything you’ll learn when you attend the upcoming Raising Capital To Build Your Real Estate Portfolio event (Calgary August 25th)

How to Present Yourself with Power, Poise & Presence:
Have you ever been captivated by an engaging presentation? What was it about the presentation that spoke, resonated, and connected directly with you?

Chances are, it was carefully and intentionally structured to engage you, build your confidence, and establish credibility. Mastering the skill of presenting — either one-on-one or to large audiences — actually has little to do with the way you present. Rather it is the confidence you embody while presenting. One of the best in the business, Richard Dolan, will lead you through a series of exercises that will help you unlock the range, depth, and natural strengths within you to speak in the world. Some of the areas covered will include: preparation, projection, presence and delivery.

Many investors have taken years of trial and error to perfect this skill — this session will slash your learning curve dramatically by providing you with proven techniques for making killer presentations.

Gaining Investors’ Interest – Your Elevator Pitch:
In this can’t-miss presentation you’ll learn powerful secrets of capturing a potential investor’s interest in 15 seconds or less. You’ll learn how to craft an opening line so compelling that investors can’t help but ask for more information. You’ll discover how to make a splash at networking events and in everyday conversation so that you generate quality leads wherever you go.

5 Detailed Investment Structures:
Having options and flexibility is powerful when working with investment partners. Instead of trying to fit "round pegs in square holes", you must develop an entire tool kit of investment options. This will help you close more deals, maintain happier relationships with your investment partners, and create more long-term wealth for you and your family.

Hear expert answers on a variety of questions, including “who should be on the title?…” “who gets the mortgage?…” “should I incorporate?…” “how do I write my offers?…” and much, much more.

Walking Step-by-Step Through the Agreements:
Perhaps one of THE MOST important aspects of your Joint Venture strategy is the way you set up your contracts and documents. After all, in order to create real win/win situations, you need to ensure that everyone is protected!

A typical lawyer charges $300+/hour – and the expertise is well worth the investment. At this full-day training event you will have access to two seasoned Real Estate Lawyers that will show you the exact documents you need to make sure all your bases are covered.

Having access to these two experts alone can return your investment in the event several times over.

Two Raising Capital Panel Discussions With Real-Life REIN™ Experts: Whether you’re a newbie or veteran investor, you’ll gain just the information you need from our two informative panel discussions…

The Getting Started Raising Money Investors’ Panel: Don’t worry if you have yet to raise any money or even complete a real estate deal. This first expert panel of the day will teach you how to start, what to do first, how to overcome your fears, and what it takes to get your first deal. Learn from real-life, active investors how to get out of the blocks and off to the races.

The Advanced Raising Money Investors Panel:
If you have already dabbled in raising capital with some success, this panel will help you take your game to the next level. Learn how to go beyond just a few individual money partners and start thinking big! The sophisticated strategies revealed in this panel discussion will teach you how to raise large pools of money.

Overcoming The Speed-Bumps You Will Encounter Raising Capital And Closing Your Deals:
Our expert team of professionals will provide you with solutions to all the potential pitfalls you may encounter when raising capital.

For example…

Where do you find your potential investors:
A marketing expert will share detailed strategies on how to position yourself as an expert and become the go-to person investors seek out when they want a solid return on their money

Working with the Provincial Securities Commissions:
A legal expert will provide you the correct way to comply with the local securities commissions. Being contacted by the Securities Commissions can shut down your business in a heartbeat… learn how to protect yourself.

How to secure Bank Financing when working with Investors:
A mortgage expert will reveal the proper way to present your deal to the bank so that they say YES. Joint Venture relationships are NOT common, so you need to know exactly what to say and how to say it to get your deal approved.

Investor reporting at tax time:
A tax expert will show you the proper documents, best practices, and tools necessary to properly comply with CRA regulations. Not setting yourself up properly could create a huge tax bill in the future — this presentation will help you avoid that.

Senior Exit Options:
Senior investor exit strategies have never been presented at a REIN™ workshop before. Discover the detailed options of what to do if the deal goes sideways or if one investment partner wants out now. Being proactive, and having multiple exit strategies on hand, will provide you with peace of mind when you enter into a business relationship with your investors. After all, knowing in advance where the exit doors are is key for longevity and success.

Networking Social:
Successful investors are those who network and connect with others. With this in mind, the social at the end of this one-time only event in Western Canada is your chance to shine. Put all your new-found skills to good use. You never know…you might find someone at the event who can help complete your next deal. Rub shoulders with Canada’s leading real estate authorities and grow your private rolodex. This will be a wonderful way to complete the event — so don’t miss it.

The event starts at 9 am and is scheduled to end at 5:00 pm, with the networking social immediately following. Please plan ahead to stay.

This agenda covers everything from ‘Soup to Nuts’ and has the very real potential to be THE turning point in your real estate investing career. So register today before the event fills up.

Raising Capital is advanced, and mandatory, training for all real estate investors