Breathe Life into
Your Real Estate Business

Eliminate the Biggest Real Estate Investing Hurdle You Face

Dear Serious Real Estate Investor,

It’s inevitable.

At one time or another, both veteran and rookie investors alike will run into a capital drought.

Maybe the bank won’t give you another mortgage. Maybe you don’t have the cash for the next down payment.

Unsophisticated investors allow this to stop them in their tracks, while sophisticated investors find a solution.

That solution is raising other people’s money.

The fact is, if you want your real estate portfolio to grow indefinitely, you need access to money. Money is the lifeblood of any business venture or investment.

The problem is that most people struggle to find money for deals, because they don’t have the skills, insight, or strategies to attract it.

That’s why Canada’s most trusted source for real estate investing education, research, and strategy has just unveiled a new LIVE event designed to teach you how to raise all the capital you need to fund all the real estate investments you want.


Raising Capital To Build Your Real Estate Portfolio:
Your Guide to Raising Money and Closing More Deals

Now you can learn from Canada’s leading capital-attraction experts as they reveal how they’ve raised multiple millions of dollars using proven techniques.

You’ll leave this event with all the information you need to overcome your single biggest real estate investing challenge: eliminating the excuse, “I don’t have enough money to invest in real estate”… FOREVER!

Is it Really Possible to Invest in Canadian Real Estate
Using Other People’s Money?

The answer is a resounding “yes!”

Consider these two critical facts…

Research shows that Canadians are sitting on more than a Trillion dollars in cash right now, just waiting for the right opportunity to invest.

As the economy turns around, they’re ready to get their money working for them again. YOU can help provide them the right investment vehicle.

Over the past 20 years, REIN™ members have transacted more than $3.48+ Billion in real estate, to the tune of 30,000+ properties.

They never could have done it without learning how to raise other peoples’ money. We hear stories every month of REIN™ members creating win/win financial partnerships with investors all across Canada.

The opportunity is there. The results speak for themselves.

If you’re ready to join the elite ranks of Canadian real estate investors who know how to build profitable portfolios using other people’s money, attend this exclusive event. But hurry, because this advanced training program will fill up fast.

Here’s a sneak preview of what you can expect during this life-changing event…

  • How to Present Yourself with Power, Poise & Presence…so that you capture the attention and interest of money partners of all kinds…
  • Gaining Investors’ Interest: Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch…
  • 5 Detailed Investment Structures — so you can form win-win partnerships in almost any circumstnace…
  • Walk Step-by-Step through the Agreements with Canada’s Leading Real Estate Lawyers — so that you can protect yourself AND your money partners…
  • Two Informative Panel Discussions With Real-Life REIN™ Experts:
    • Getting Started
    • Advanced Money-Raising Secrets
  • Overcome the Speed-Bumps You’ll Encounter and How to Close Your Deals, including…
    • Where to find your potential investors so that you have a steady flow of money partners lining up to work with you…
    • How to work with the Provincial Securities Commissions to ensure that you and your partners are completely protected…
    • Secrets of securing bank financing when working with investors…
    • How to handle tax time…
    • And much more!
  • Step into the Big Leagues: Going Beyond Raising Money From Individuals to Forming Profitable Limited Partnerships, Memorandums, Syndications, and More…
  • Senior Exit Options — so you know how to get out in any situation…
  • Networking Social — where you can rub shoulders with some of Canada’s most influential players in the real estate game!

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What Would You Expect to Pay
for Million Dollar Secrets Like These?

There’s no doubt you’re probably wondering how much all this information will cost.

It’s a valid question. After all, you’re receiving all the tools, tactics, information and confidence you need to eliminate the single biggest challenge real estate investors’ face. What kind of monetary value would you place on that?

Would it be worth $1,000? $5,000? $10,000?

Of course — considering that just ONE deal with an investment partner can easily bring you $30,000… $50,000… $70,000 OR MORE in profits that go directly to your bottom line.

Multiply that by 5, 10, or 25 deals… and suddenly you’re looking at hundreds of thousands — even millions — of dollars!

But we both know we won’t charge you anywhere near that amount.

Instead, a modest investment of just $497 will provide you with the skills you need to buy as many properties as you want — and eliminate the biggest hurdle most real estate investors ever encounter.

PLUS, if you bring a guest or two with you, your ticket price can drop as low as $357 per person!

Here’s the bottom line: when you attend this exclusive event, you will receive step-by-step details you need to create a never-ending source of investment capital. This is an advanced — and mandatory — training program for all real estate investors

This could very possibly be THE turning point in your real estate investing career.

Register today; this advanced training program will fill up fast, and we may never offer this training again.