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Whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting your investment career REIN™ is the place to be. No matter what level of expertise REIN™ will provide you new-found tools and strategies along with the confidence to achieve your investment goals.

For Canadian specific strategies and support look no further. If you’re ready to take your investing career to the next level contact us to find out how we can help.

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Real Estate Investment Network™

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What is REIN?
REIN™ is……a unique network of highly successful Canadians who have been taught how to build long-term wealth for themselves and their families through a proven method of investing in real estate.The network is made up of
  • Thousands of successful investors – our Members
  • Their expert instructors
  • Service providers (such as mortgage brokers, lawyers, and realtors)

REIN™’s primary purpose is to educate and support our Members so they achieve their financial goals. This education and support is provided through;

  • An exclusive country-wide Membership program with many features and benefits
  • An unbeatable line-up of action-oriented seminars, events and workshops.

REIN™ is different…

REIN™ seminars are world-class events.

…because we have a membership-based model,and are completely dependent on the success of our Members – we only succeed when you do! What sets us apart from other investment groups isthat we do not sell real estate, nor do we bring you in to seminars to pitch the follow-up $40,000 mentoring course! Instead, our business is focused completely on giving our Members the very best real
estate investment support and education in the country – and helping them operate their own successful real estate businesses.
It’s also important to note we are not real estate syndicators. We simply teach the strategies we use…in other words, we are investors and educators, not sales people; and so you know the information we provide is un-biased and credible. You will never have to buy from, invest with, or put money into any real estate deal with anyone associated with REIN™. But, if you want to, there will be many opportunities to do joint ventures or purchase properties with others in the network – that’s one of the benefits of membership. The bottom line is that as a REIN™ Member, you will always have complete control over your own investment activities.

REIN™ is for you…

…because you will learn how to be a successful real estate investment Business Owner (isn’t that what you really want to be?) and you’ll discover the best ways to identify, find, and purchase properties in today’s markets. This is not a hype-based program dependent on wildly rising markets, or the latest and greatest TV infomercial strategy. Rather, we focus on real-world techniques for serious investors who are keen on growing their net worth and reducing their risk.

For two decades, REIN™ has been a calm port in the storm; our systems have been tested in both up and down markets and our credibility is made evident by the number of Members who have been with us for 5 years, 10 years, and longer. If you’re looking for additional credibility, consider this; REIN™ Members have collectively purchased over $3.2 billion in Canadian investment properties! – a staggering number that testifies to the action orientation of the network. We are action-takers, not pitchmen!

350 of our REIN™ Members on a break during the 2010 Alberta Field Trip.

Currently, there are four REIN™ “hubs”: Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary & Vancouver. We meet every month in each location to share the latest research, strategies and expert presentations that fuel smart, profitable investment decisions. For those investors who live at a distance from our hub cities, we offer a “By Mail’ membership option.
So, what kinds of people become Members, and what backgrounds do they come from? REIN™ is a highly diverse network of entrepreneurs and investors from all walks of life. Many have kept their day jobs, but others are now full-time real estate investors (and when we say “full-time”, you might be surprised by how few hours per day that means for many of them!) From beginners to veterans, unemployed to retired, college students to industry leading professionals, REIN™ membership works for people with a wide variety of backgrounds, skill sets, and financial goals. You’d fit right in!

The thing that all our Members have in common is the realization that Canadians will increasingly need to provide for themselves and their families when it comes to their long-term wealth and retirement solutions. REIN™ comes to the rescue of those who understand how little anyone else is going to do for them in this regard. While so many Canadians are counting on their RRSP’s, inheritance money, or even lottery winnings to fund their financial futures, those that recognize how important it is to have control of their own investments derive tremendous benefits from programs like REIN™.

Our current 2,700 Member base includes investors at all stages ; from those who have yet to buy their first property, right through to real estate multimillionaires with hundreds of properties to their name. They’ve all joined because they want to surround themselves with like-minded people so they can create maximum profits in the minimum amount of time…and they understand that REIN™ is the fastest and safest path!

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