A Must Read If You Are Looking To Grow

Your Real Estate Portfolio Beyond

1 – 2 Properties

In his bestselling book Real Estate Investing in Canada 2.0, Don R. Campbell presents the Authentic Canadian Real Estate system – a system that tens of thousands of Canadians have been exposed to from reading this book. It is important to note that these readers are taking action as a result of their findings – something that the author is incredibly proud of.

As it is the first program of its kind, the ACRE™ system has shown everyday Canadians how to profit from investing in real estate while removing much of the confusion that surrounds this investment class. Those people who have purchased one or two properties are now keen to learn how to take their investment strategy to the next level – and Real Estate Joint Ventures is designed to help investors to do exactly that.

Joint ventures are the key to growing a real estate portfolio, as many Canadians have come to realize. Don R. Campbell and Russell Westcott offer an A to Z course on what joint ventures are, how they work, the pitfalls to avoid, and how to close more deals.

Real Estate Joint Ventures is brimming with strategies an investor can harness to grow a portfolio of properties by matching two skill sets:

  1. 1. A partner who has the knack for sourcing out properties with positive cash-flow potential and long-term equity growth, and;
  2. 2. A partner with money.

With this book you will get credible, proven guidance on how you can create a successful joint venture partnership. It will show you, in clear terms and with plenty of examples, how to start the process, how to avoid the pitfalls, how to assess opportunities and how to close deals. You will be energized, motivated and confident that the system will guide you to your ultimate goal.

One of the biggest challenges Real Estate Investors face is running out of, or flat-out not having, the required capital to buy real estate. In this book, that challenge will be solved. You will be introduced to the concept of raising other people’s money, forming successful Real Estate Joint Ventures, and becoming a ‘money magnet’—that is to say the principles behind long-term wealth attraction: you must have a system, you must build relationships, and you must commit to follow through.

You’ll learn:

  • How to grow your real estate portfolio beyond 1 or 2 properties
  • Wealth attraction principles and how to become a ‘money magnet’
  • What joint venture partnerships are and how they work
  • How to create win-win relationships
  • How and where to find joint venture money partners (investors)
  • How to structure a joint venture deal
  • Legal structures and agreements – including tax implications

And much more…

Savvy investor tips, legal templates, examples and actions tips are at your fingertips.

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